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The banding effect when, in this case, a square design was chosen

Self nesting design requiring only a nudge upward to nest

​Digital Pantographs or Edge to Edge

This service is probably the most commonly used.  It involves using a digital design spread over the entire quilt.  Individual blocks and borders are not considered as a separate element.  The size of the design is first chosen then it is chained across the width of the quilt from left to right.  Because the designs are digital, their size can very quickly be changed to suit the quilt.  Personally I recommend choosing what are known as "nestable" designs.  After the first row is quilted out, the next row is shifted and nudged up so that they nest together.  This eliminates what I call the "banding effect".  Choosing a design that does not nest in this fashion, eg. a square, will result in a very visible line pattern between the rows.  Some designs are actually self-nesting and simply require a nudge upwards to be evenly spaced with the previous row.  Others, such as a wavy pattern requires up to a 50% shift and nudging upwards to achieve the proper uniform look.  This will be my job but the design choice is important.  The density is medium with anywhere from about an inch to just over two inches apart.  This service is offered at 1.5 cents per sq. in.  Selection of a design where you would prefer a more dense quilting would cost up to 2 cents per sq. in.  There will be no 'stitch in the ditch" treatment.

Forms of Payment Accepted

PayPal email Invoicing

If you would like to use a highly secure and convenient way of payment I have established a business account with PayPal whereby you may use all major credit cards or bank accounts.  I will email you an invoice outlining the various charges incurred and you simply follow the instruction from PayPal on the payment procedure.  I will be notified immediately when payment has been received.  I NEVER ask for any of your credit card or personal information in this regard.  Very secure.  You also do not have to have a personal PayPal account to use the service.  If you choose this service however, please note that I will be charged 2.5% of the total cost.  Because my prices are low as it is, I will add 2.5% to your total bill to balance things out for me.

Interac e-transfers

I have used this method with customers as well.  If you have an interac debit card, and online banking, check to see if your bank offers this service to you.  If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, there are instructions online with YouTube or check directly with your financial institution on how to do it.  Depending on the type of bank services you subscribe to, the charge for you to avail yourself of this service varies.  This will not result in any charges to me and no extra charge will be added to your bill.

I also accept cheques and of course cash.  If you are local to my area, we can arrange for payment before you pick up your quilt.

Second row will need a shift to the right and nudge up to nest

Please note there is a minimum charge of $50.00 for the quilting service

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