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Special requirements for batting

We do NOT recommend the use of polyester batting.  It is extremely difficult to work with on a longarm system and is often very stiff and has an excessively high loft.  Over time it also can start to poke through the top and backing (known as bearding).  Not attractive. 

We have access to batting of different types from my local wholesale distributor.  We stock favoured batting but can order according to each project's requirements.  There are numerous options available. There is 100% cotton, 80/20 cotton/poly blend, wool, bamboo, silk, etc. 

We offer a discount of 20% to our customers.  The delivery time is 2 business days.  Of course you are welcome to supply your own batting.  Batting size is simply to be 2-3" wider than the quilt top

Please also remember to use a white or cream batting with quilts that have a lot of white or pastels.  The darker tan or ecru batting will show through and change the look of the quilt. We can also obtain the dark (black) 80/20 blend batting for extremely dark quilts.

If you would like us to provide batting (stock or ordered), let us know in advance. 

Since the price of the batting is subject to change, we can quote at time of consultation.

Batting is charged by lineal inch or packaged unit.