1.  Get the process started by completing the form below.  Include your name, the project you have, any questions you might have and the dimensions of your quilt top if you want an estimate of the costs involved.  If at this point you would like to use the convenience of smart phone messaging, please also include your cell contact.  I use an iPhone myself.  Customers have found this a safe and convenient way to communicate as I do not have to be in the Studio to respond.  All personal information is kept strictly confidential and shared with no one without your permission. Include a pic of your project if possible.

2. For those customers who can visit my Studio in Richmond BC, I invite you for an in-house consultation.  You can see first hand my setup and what is required.  Bring your quilt top along as well.

3. For out-of-town customers, you can use delivery methods of your choice.  I will provide you with the mailing address.

4. My service is set up for you to provide the quilt top and backing of your choice.  I can provide the batting.  I will be offering the lighter weight Spring line and the medium weight Autumn line of North American made Bosal batting.  Each is an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend which is needle punched for stability and offers little shrinkage characteristics. Very highly rated by professional quilters.  As well, you can choose from the complete line of Legacy batting by Pellon. I offer 20% off the MSRP if the quilting is done in my studio.

5. I offer a full line of Signature Cotton solids and variagated quilting thread.  We can discuss your choice of color once we have started the process.

6. For those quilters not familiar with Digital designs and Robotics, I urge you to check YouTube videos of the qBot Version 3.  The target market for these videos are the owners of the system, but will give you insight as to it's capabilities.

7. In order for proper mounting of the quilt top, batting, and backing, I require that the batting and backing be 5 inches wider on each side of the quilt top.  This is required to allow sufficient room between the machine sewing bed and the side clamps that hold the backing and batting in place.  Pinning is no longer required nor is any type of fusible batting or spray adhesives.

8. Unless otherwise requested, the finished quilt will be returned to you without binding. I can, if you wish provide you with die-cut binding strips suitable for completing a double fold mitered binding.  Mr Burton will also offer to trim the quilt, machine sew the binding and for special requests, complete the binding on the back side using hand sewn stitches.  This is often required by Quilting Guilds if you plan to put your quilt in a show.

9. Pay for your finished quilt using the acceptable payments outlined on the Pricing page and you then pick up your quilt if local or have it shipped back using your preferred method.

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