The first baby quilt I made for a very proud Grandma for her grandson Thayne. Embroidery added directly on quilt on front and back.  Quilt details shown.  Thayne, now about 2 1/2 years old, with his very favourite huggy quilt

​The ​Bargello Quilt​​

A flannel quilt panel quilted in the Simply Modern Design made a great gift to 1 yr old Tobias from his Aunt.  Tobias is holding an included gift of a framed RCMP Teddy Bear from Husqvarna-Viking collection 'International Bears'

​The Baby Collection

A quilt commissioned as a gift to grandma for her new grandaughter Eden. Embroidery on a patch and sewn onto quilt

A gift from Aunt and Uncle.  A delightful flannel panel quilted with swinging monkeys edge to edge design.  The embroidery is applied directly to the quilt using embroidery thread on the top and in the bobbin.

Dr.​Trish's First Quilt

The "Pan Am" Retro

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Wayne Burton Design Studio

The following pictures are the quilts I did for Mr. Burton

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​The Arabesque

Titled 'Wonky Stars', this quilt top sat stored away for over a year.  Now it is proudly displayed.  We all remember our first ;)