​Edge to Edge Pantographs

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NOTE:  These were sewn out using my Bernina Q24 and qBot V3 robotics.  The variations in loft are due to using different batting types.

I have many more designs, too many to actually be quilted out. When you visit my studio, we can look through the catalogue and choose what you like most.  Because all the designs are digital, they are easily resized to suit the project. I have not compiled my designs in PDF format.  This PDF will be made available once a job is confirmed.

If I do not have in stock a design that you like, there are many online design websites to chose from.  Simply let me know the one you want and I will order it for you.  You will be charged for this design but I will add it to my collection.  The cost of designs chosen from my collection are included in the overall cost.  Suggested sites to browse are:



There are several more, too may to make a complete list here.

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