Longfellow Quilting Service

For the next few weeks, my personal design collection is being gradually changed from small images

of the pattern, to pictures of each of my design offers actually quilted out.  This will take some time

as my collection is fairly large.  I am taking this approach as I personally find it difficult to imagine what a design will look like when quilted.  I am also concerned from a liability standpoint that pictures of actual designs could potentially be copied.  Each of the designs I display are protected by copyright and as the owner of the design, I have permission from the designers and distributions companies to use their designs for commercial purposes.   I believe this approach to digital designs will give those new to this service, a better idea of what can be accomplished.   I will also be working on a page that will explain how digital designs can be used and also what special capabilities are possible with the new qBot version 3.


Longfellow Quilting Service

I would welcome any comments you have on the new design presentation approach.   Just fill out the comment form below

Your one stop shop for all your quilt finishing needs.  The following list contains just a few of the many projects I can help with....

Got a quilt top that is folded up because you don't have the equipment to finish the quilting?

See a pre-printed panel at the fabric store and want it quilted?

Would you like a set of quilted placemats and table runner?

Need a gift for a relative or newborn baby?

Love to have a bed runner made?

Not into piecing but want a quilt made from a single piece of material?

Just email me your request and we will see if it is possible.

You supply all the materials (not the thread) and ship it off.  I will return it when payment is confirmed.  I use digitized patterns on a longarm machine that is moved along the pattern by robotics.  The possibilities are endless.

It is important to note that I do not create the quilt from scratch, but do the finishing.